Why Choose Us Experience Modern, Comfortable Care
  • Relax with a choice of sedation options
  • Save money with our Membership Plan
  • Receive precise outcomes with our technology
Comforting Amenities
Comforting Amenities

Our team will help you feel at home with comforts like soft pillows, cozy blankets, Netflix, and a beverage station. If there’s anything you need to feel comfortable, just let us know.

Relaxing Sedation
Relaxing Sedation

Take your choice of soothing sedation options to unwind in the dental chair. You can take advantage of inhaled sedation using laughing gas or IV sedation from an anesthesiologist.

Flexible Payment Options
Flexible Payment Options

Our payment options make it simple to get great care. Pay with cash, check, or credit card. We’re in-network with many insurance plans and offer third-party financing.

Receive Comprehensive Dental Care in Richmond From an Expert Team

When searching for a new dentist, it’s important to find one that meshes well with your needs and goals for your smile. At Dental Garden, we offer a combination of modern technology and family-style treatment that will help you feel confident in our care. There are many reasons to choose us as your source for comprehensive dental care in Richmond:

  • Advanced technology like intraoral scanners and electronic cavity detectors
  • Patient amenities to help you feel comfortable and at home
  • Your choice of relaxing sedation options – either laughing gas or IV sedation from an anesthesiologist
  • Flexible payment options, including in-network benefits with many insurance companies
  • A Membership Plan that covers preventive care and offers savings on other services
  • A more comfortable and effective way of cleaning teeth called Guided Biofilm Therapy

Call us today at 281-853-9215 to schedule an appointment. Come see what we’re all about at Dental Garden!

Be Treated Like Family Here

You’ll always receive special treatment from our compassionate team. Headed up by Dr. Reza Memar, our staff goes out of our way to make you feel like a member of our extended family. We’ll take time to thoroughly explain your dental care so that you’re informed about your oral health. Plus, we’ll answer all your questions to your satisfaction so you can decide what’s best for you and your smile.

To help you relax during your treatment, you’ll have a choice of sedation options:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Just breathe in sweet-smelling laughing gas to instantly feel more at ease.
  • IV Sedation – An anesthesiologist will administer this sedation and carefully monitor you while you’re in a sleeplike state.

In addition, you’ll have your pick of cozy amenities to help you overcome anxiety. They include:

  • Private care room for quiet and calm
  • A coffee bar for your enjoyment
  • Soft pillows for head and neck support
  • Warm blankets in case you get chilly
  • Stress balls to help you work out anxiety
  • Netflix for a pleasant diversion

If there’s anything else you need to make your time with us more pleasant, just let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Your comfort is our top priority.

Call Dental Garden today at 281-853-9215 to schedule an appointment. You’ve found a home for comprehensive dental care in Richmond!