Many adults with crooked teeth would like to straighten them – but are put off by the idea of living with a mouth full of metal for two years or more. Fortunately, that’s no longer the only option – or even the best one – for orthodontics! At our office, many patients can get aligners instead of braces.

Aligners are clear plastic trays that move your teeth into their proper positions. We use the SureSmile® brand. It works the same way as clear aligners with big marketing budgets and fancy advertising campaigns – but at a lower cost to you. 

To see if you’re a good candidate for these orthodontic aligners, call us today at 281-853-9215 to schedule an appointment in Richmond, TX. In the meantime, see some of the reasons why this treatment is so popular:

  • No One But Your Dentist Has to Know – Because the clear aligners are virtually invisible in your smile, most people around you won’t even notice them. You don’t have to shy away from selfies because you don’t want a mouth of metal hardware showing in your social media posts. 
  • You Can Still Eat Popcorn – Seeing a movie just isn’t the same without a bucket of popcorn. Yet you have to avoid popcorn – and lots of other foods – if you wear braces. The good news is, you can remove SureSmile aligners for meals or snacks (as long as you put them back in right away afterward). So you can enjoy all your favorite treats. 
  • Flossing Won’t Be a Challenge – Oral hygiene can be a challenge with braces, especially flossing. Because of this, it’s tough to get your teeth really clean. Since you can take out your aligners, you won’t have any trouble brushing and flossing. 
  • It’s Simple and Predictable – We use state-of-the-art software to create a treatment plan for you and take impressions of your teeth. This information is sent to a special lab that uses it to create a series of custom-made aligners. You wear each set of aligners about two weeks, then switch to the next set. That’s it!
  • It’s Not Uncomfortable – There aren’t any metal edges to rub against your mouth and gums. So you’re less likely to experience sore spots. Unlike braces, there aren’t any wires that need to be tightened. Most braces wearers will tell you, that’s not a comfortable process! You may experience a bit of pressure when first switching to a new set of aligners. But it’s only mildly uncomfortable, and the sensation won’t last long. 
  • You’ll See Faster Results – It’s common to take at least two years to straighten teeth with braces. SureSmile typically works much faster – 12-18 months for most patients. 

Think you may want to get aligners instead of braces? Call Dental Garden at 281-853-9215 today.