October is National Apple Month. So it seems like a great time to remind you that this fruit is good for your teeth. 

Since apples contain fiber, they act almost like a toothbrush in cleaning your teeth. They help get rid of plaque and remove remnants of other food from your mouth. Apples also contain a substance called malic acid. While many acidic substances are bad for teeth, malic acid actually helps break up plaque. 

To get the maximum benefit from eating apples, leave the skin on. The added fiber is good for your teeth – and your overall health. You may also want to rinse out your mouth with water after eating an apple, to help wash away its natural sugars. 

Because of all of these great qualities, apples are a smile-friendly snack to offer your kids. For fun, you can show them this short video. It contains lots of facts about the fruit that may surprise them – and you too. Did you know apples originated in central Asia? 

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